How is the body like a building?

Can we compare our skeletons to the framework of a building, our skin to the siding, or our eyes to the windows?  What kinds of buildings do we create to live in, work in, and play in?  After investigating buildings in the real world, we design our own imaginary buildings full of playful details and spaces with meaning and thoughtfully chosen uses.

Concepts & Projects


Shape of the Body in Space
Bases of Support
Positive & Negative Space
Pathways Through Space


Drawings of Existing Buildings
Imaginary Building Designs
Cardboard Imaginary Buildings


Workshop Details

For: Students age 8-13, up to 20 students per class

Time Required: One Week, 4-6 hours per day

Instruction: Babs Case, two additional instructors and one or two student assistants

Performance Opportunities: Can include a final performance

Requires: An open space for moving, a space with tables, chairs, and a sink for visual art (must be separate from the movement space), access to an outdoor space, boom box or system for playing music.

Organizations who have presented this curriculum: PALS