What would you create if you could design your own imaginary world?

This question is the basis of the curriculum for A World We Can Imagine.  In this workshop, students learn concepts in movement, visual art, and creative writing to design and document their own imaginary world.  Beginning with questions about the Earth and our society, students move on to develop the geography, flora, fauna, and other features of their world, then create detailed drawings of continents on their world, build crowns of recognition for the imaginary characters who would be respected in their world, and develop cultural dances from the society of their world.

Concepts & Projects


Leading & Following
Shape of the Body in Space
Pathways Through Space
Positive & Negative Space
Imaginary Cultural Dances


Blind Contour Drawings
Imaginary Continent Drawings
Crowns of Recognition


World Histories
Descriptions of Revered People

Workshop Details

For: Students age 8-13, up to 20 students per class

Time Required: One Week, 3-5 hours per day

Instruction: Babs Case, one additional instructor and one student assistant

Performance Opportunities: Can include a final performance

Requires: An open space for moving, a space with tables, chairs and a sink for visual art (must be separate from the movement space), access to an outdoor space, boom box or system for playing music.

Organizations who have presented this curriculum: Journeys School of the Teton Science School, PALS, Pinedale Fine Arts Council