How do we see shape and movement in the world, and how can these ideas help us learn to write?

In The Dancing Alphabet, we use movement and visual art concepts to develop writing skills. Designed specifically for Kindergarten students who are just learning about the alphabet and how to write their letters, this workshop is a fun way to teach important academic skills to all types of learners.  Over the course of a week, students learn about shape, line, pathway, and level in space, and how they can use these same concepts of big, whole body movement in writing two dimensional letters on a page.

Concepts & Projects


Shape of the Body in Space
Letter Shapes with the Body
Bases of Support
Pathways Through Space
Positive & Negative Space
Locomotor Movements
Name Dance


Letter T-Shirts (performance costumes)
Letter Blocks (performance set)

Workshop Details

For: Students age 5-6, up to 20 students per class

Time Required: Five 40-minute class sessions

Instruction: Babs Case and one assistant instructor

Performance Opportunities: Includes a 40 minute final performance

Requires: An open space for moving (can be a classroom with desks moved aside), Boom Box or system for playing music.

Organizations who have presented this curriculum: Journeys School of the Teton Science School, pARTners (Teton County School District), PALS (Fremont County School District), Pinedale Fine Arts Council (Sublette County School District)